Our Process

Step 1. Submit Your Idea

You simply fill out our submission form. This comes in to our team. We will then review and reach back out for a quick 5 minute follow up call. This call is to go over what you submitted, provide our initial thoughts and to schedule our deep dive conversation.‍‍‍

Step 2. Our Deep Dive Co‍‍‍nversation

There is a fee of $199 for this stage. Why do we charge? Are we greedy guys out to get your money? Absolutely not. We charge because we are going to spend an hour with you taking a deep dive into your product/invention. In that conversation you are going to get real answers to real questions. Answers that can help you to make a sound business decision on whether or not it makes sense to move forward. The reality is, so‍‍‍me ideas are more challenging ( more expensive) than others. Depending on your resources, it may not make sense for you to pursue. We are not afraid to tell you that. On the flip side, if we all agree that this is worth moving forward on, we are going to provide you with accurate estimates of time, money and where exactly we think we can bring you value. Either way, you will walk away with thousands of dollars worth of value which can in turn, help you avoid thousands of dollars in mistakes.

Step 3. We Get To ‍‍‍Work

If you have been searching for assistance with your invention chances are you have come across a couple of “invention development” firms. What we have found is that they do 1 of 2 things. They either start everyone off at the same stage (making you start from the beginning even if you are past that stage) and nickel and diming you the entire way. Or they don’t evaluate your idea at all for viability and just start spamming every company on the planet like ours, with your idea in hopes someone will accept the concept and implement a licensing deal. Charging you along the way and basically throwing a Hail Mary that someone bites is a complete disservice to you as the inventor.

At Locker Innovations, we do not agree with either tactic. We believe that if we are honest, transparent and straightforward, we can provide you with more value and put you in the best position to succeed. If we feel your idea sucks, we will tell you that so we don’t waste each others time & dime. You may not agree, you may hate us, but just keep in mind we are giving you our honest feedback based on our experiences and due diligence. We have been doing this for 29 years. We personally meet with retail buyers multiple times a year. Our products are Amazon best sellers. We know what the buyers will ask, what their concerns will be, and everything in between. We also know how to navigate outside of traditional retail. We spend over $45k dollars a month on Facebook ads for our own brands with 4-6x returns. Our opinion is just that. An opinion. But it is an experienced and strategic one. Now, are you ready to get to work?

Some Facts About Our‍‍‍ Products:

950K‍‍‍ plus – The number of units we move through our traditional and digital retails every year.

Mi‍‍‍llions – The combined amount of revenue our brands & clients will do this year

3,950 plus – The number of retail stores our products are sold in.