Our Services

You Invent, We Execute.

We follow a proven and strategic process to bring products to market. Unlike most “invention support” companies, we do not make all of our clients start at step 1. We will meet with you and figure out where you are in the process and then determine where to start.

Consulting & Strategic Planning

With a combined 75 years of knowledge and experience we provide our client(s) with valuable insight and proven strategies to be successful. Here are a few important questions that we discuss with you during the consultation phase:

Who’s buying – Who are your customers?

What will the anticipated start-up costs look like?

What is the average age and demographic of your customer?

What is the market potential (How many customers would potentially need or want to buy your product)?

Do you have competitors? If YES, what are the annual sales of competitor’s item? What is the current retail price?

Which stores do they retail in (Walmart, Target, Costco, Walgreens, Burlington etc.). How will your product differ from the competition? Why do consumers NEED your product?

How much are your customers willing to pay?

Do you have a marketing budget or strategy to gain brand awareness and reach the customer? Social media channels developed?

How would you package your product (vinyl bag, bubble pack, corrugated box, glass or plastic)?

Does your product require extensive safety testing (infant/juvenile market, loose parts, chemicals, lead paint etc.)?

Where will you be warehousing and fulfilling your inventory?

What is the sales approach to sell your product to retailers (distributor, sales reps, trade shows etc.)?‍‍‍‍‍‍

Design & Development

For every entrepreneur, the key ingredient to success is product development. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to evaluate important steps that can make or break your product concept.‍‍‍

Screening the concept (evaluate, market research, potential costs etc.)

Product development (New Ideas, Feedback, Focus Groups– formal or informal)

Company structure and key roles

Packaging design

Product Branding and Logo Development

Modular layout/Merchandising/Legal/Patent/Trademark protection


With a manufacturing partner in China, and a 100,000+ square foot warehouse in California,

we can provide our clients with:


Pre-production samples

Final Production

Competitive manufacturing costs

Product Quality Control

Container flow

Shipping and Logistics

Order fulfillment Import/Export documentation


Once a product is ready to launch in the market place, we can support and provide integrated sales and PR/Media services for mass retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club and Target Stores as well as small mom and pop shops. Additional opportunities include:

Design and Build-Out of your own Amazon store

Sales distribution

Pricing and sales support

Data Analysis

Customer insight

Securing product endorsements

PR/Media team

Social media & marketing

Focus group(s)

Sales and promotions ideas/strategies (Discount codes, Affiliate Marketing)

Retailer Loyalty Programs

Consulting on worthwhile associations to join, trade shows and industry events to attend celebrity gifting, special events and more.